Zia Solutions Overview - Monitoring the CIPP process using State-of-the-Art Sensor Technology

Throughout the US, thousands of miles of sanitary, storm and water lines are in need of rehabilitation. One process that is used to repair existing pipelines is Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining, whereby a resin-saturated coated felt tube is inserted into a damaged pipe from Station A to Station B (typically manholes). Hot water, steam or Ultra Violet Light is used to cure the resin with heat, the resin, and form a tight fitting replacement pipe, inside the original pipe.
An essential part of the CIPP process is heating the liner to proper curing temperature, and maintaining temperature for a specified duration of time.

Zia Systems now offers state-of-the-art, Temperature sensor cable to continuously monitor the cure temperature of CIPP liner along the entire length of pipe. With its fiber optic cable, CMS, temperature readings are taken at six (6) inch intervals, every thirty (30) seconds, in order to better ensure that fabrication of materials into a fully structural sanitary sewer pipe is in accordance to resin manufacturer recommendations. With its copper based sensor cable, CiPPi, temperature readings are taken at ten (10) and twenty (20) foot intervals.

Zia's Sensor technology enhances the CIPP process by offering a Quality Control system to ensure that design and manufacturing specifications are followed. At the same time, use of the temperature sensor technology, all along the pipeline, can reduce project costs.