Who Is Zia Systems?

Zia Systems, LLC, an Ohio based company, is a high-tech small business specializing in integrating wireless and wired technologies that allows customers to remotely monitor and control assets. Zia's founders and management team have a successful history of using sensors, the Internet and cellular technologies to track and monitor assets in the transportation, construction, energy, and homeland security market sectors. Historically, Zia has won contracts to monitor and track capital-intensive assets. These contracts have included water wells, shipping containers, military vehicles, construction materials, and hazardous waste. Through these contracts, Zia validated the need for a more accurate and cost effective real-time asset monitoring systems.

Zia has now developed specialized, patented technology for monitoring critical parameters and sensors used in the Infrastructure Rehabilitation Industry.  In particular, Zia's copper-based system, CiPPi,                          
and its new patented fiber optic sensor system, CMS,    are used to monitor temperature readings during CIPP (Cured-in-place-Pipe) lining. This technology allows Contractors, Municipalities and Engineers the ability to monitor infrastructure rehab activity all along the pipeline, in real-time with the use of sensors and the Internet.This cost-savings technology radically improves the quality of CIPP projects. Actual Temperature readings are taken at least every 6 inches, every 30 seconds. These readings show temperature range and duration during the CIPP process. The system can be viewed in onsite, and remotely, and the data is stored for historical playback.