Zia has designed, developed and manufactured a sensor-based system to address these problems. Zia offers two systems that automate the monitoring of the CIPP process by capture temperature readings all along the pipeline. One solution, called CIPPI, is a patent-pending, copper based system, with embedded temperature sensors, that captures temperature reading every 10 feet along the host pipe as the resin-based liner is cured. Click here for more information about CiPPi.

Our second system is a patented, fiber optic solution called CMS™ that captures temperature reading every 6 inches. With both systems, temperature readings are taken automatically, at predetermined intervals, usually every 30 seconds, and transmitted to an on-site computer. Temperature readings are then displayed in graphical format and updated in real-time. The temperature readings can also be monitored remotely with a smart-phone app.  The data is uploaded to a web-server, for data aggregation, historical playback and customer reporting.
Click here for more information about CMS.

Zia's sensor monitoring technology enhances the ability to perform quality control monitoring of the liner curing process historically occurring remotely underground out of reach of conventional direct measurement equipment. This enhanced procedure enables the Contractor and Design Engineer to directly monitor, verify and digitally log the progression of CIPP liner temperature rise, duration of cure, and rate of liner material cooling to verify that the exothermic reaction of the resin has occurred along the entire length of pipe without relying solely on process water temperature monitoring or single point measurements on the liner. Direct measurement also allows for optimization of cure duration which ultimately optimizes the duration of the costly bypass pumping and ancillary costs of the contractor's time on site.